Find Lost Phone

Its obvious to be worried about lost phone. Stop worrying and start installing best tracking application before its too late. If the phone has been connected to WiFi connection, then its chary on the cake but its fine even if it has GPS or mobile network. With GPS & mobile network also, you can fairly pinpoint its accurate locations by using service from which does not require any app installation.

However, for double safety, you should install app as well. This application can be downloaded from play store for free. You will not get above application built-in in your android device, its very simple to install and use. This application has simple interface it will trace the lost phone in no time. When you lose your phone hope on laptop or your friends’ phone & find its location using geolocaliserun portable. Soon after getting access to the phone lock the phone or erase the data if you have something that can be misused for blackmailing.

The important thing is that this application is installed in your phone in prior. Otherwise it will get little tough to find your lost phone. Make sure that you have your phone’s serial number and EMEI number handy. Just dial *#06# in your mobile you will get to know the IMEI of your phone. IMEI is unique number given to every cell phone this will be used to register tower. You can even get your phones IMEI even from settings section and from the box of the phone. This number will help you if you want to raise a complaint if your phone is stolen.

You can trace the location by logging to google account. Just launch which ever browser you are comfortable with and email the registered email ID & password. If you have not logged in to that Gmail account in your device, then use two step verification to complete the procedure. Even after doing all these procedures if it’s not getting connected, then you are not connected to the WiFi or its not in network coverage area. In such case it’s important that you don’t lose hope just keep trying. Once the phone comes to network coverage area its will immediately show its map.

So, are you looking for perfect tracking application? then its better, you go for geolocaliserun portable it has great feedback from users. This is affordable and available for both android and iPhone.  Last main and thing is that never lose IMEI number, that’s the jocker card you miss it then it becomes impossible.