Amulets of Thailand

A Buddha amulet, sometimes referred to as a’ votive tablet’ academically, is a type of blessed Thai Buddhist object. These amulets are created to raise fund to temple. By merely offering oil or donating money to temples, worshipers may receive monk blessings or amulets. The monk give amulets as a present after the donation. In various facets of life, amulets are no longer necessarily considered as gift” but they believe that it’s a blessing that boosts luck. To enhance their marriage, money, love, health and relationships, individuals use amulets.

Placing amulet under stupa or temple when it’s constructed is a Thai custom. Many amulets can be found when the structure collapses. Some may be older than a century.

Nearly all Thai Buddhists have at least 1 amulet. In order to get closer to the Buddha, it is normal to see that young or old people wearing one or more amulets around their heads.

It’s been believed that using Buddha image, images of monks who created amulets, images for famous monks brings you luck. The scale, shape, & materials of amulets differ, such as bone, plaster, metal or wood. Amulets get protective power from then substance added in it, it might have ash of incense, old temple structure, hair of old monks who are much famous. Once the amulets get created by the factory they call the famous monks of all the temples and ask them to bless it and monk pray and bless then for day and night to make them strong. It can take week to three years for this process.

If you see these amulets when they are freshly made, they will not be appealing or gorgeous in its plaster appearance. The look of the amulets can be improved by building protective casing, and the amulets inside is covered on same time. Not only does the cost of the amulet depend on appearance, but even on scarcity, its creator, its age, & also on the blessing and the power filled by famous monks. One of the most popular Amulets in demand is LP Toh Pidta from

Next to Thammasat University, popular markets for amulet include the ThaPhrachan Market. At the ThaPrachan market, however many of the amulets are said as fake because these are the replica of real amulets which are blessed by monks. At the ThaPrachan Market, authentic amulets are scarce. Many collectors & devotees will have genuine dealers who will provide authentic amulets only, since it is as complicated a matter to research and authenticate real amulets you will get in antique trade,  even in related niche such as stamps collection. Forgeries are common, and the skills required to identify authentic amulets require decades of research and practice to acquire. As there are lakhs of temple, with spanning centuries, there are millions of edition, and its not really possible thing for someone to be the expertise to authenticate all edition generated from past. Each expert therefore will have his own selected line of amulet, of a specific kind, temple, or craftsman, which he selects to get expertise in.

Tabus amulet

Don’t wear below the waist Buddhist amulets. Wear this on the collar or above your waist for the majority of amulets. This practice is for showing respect to Buddha. Takruts can be placed inside pants pockets, another form of amulets are manufactured in Thailand these are without Buddhist or monks image.

  • If you plan to indulge in sex then don’t keep that amulet in the bedroom.
  • Before & after wearing your amulets, pray.
  • When bathing, remove amulets.
  • Wear odd number amulets on your neck to have balance & symmetry in life.

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